Workout Report: Crush Grip 1/5/11

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Workout Reports

I did my crush grip workout yesterday.  The accepted way to train crush grip, which is to say, your ability to close your hands under resistance, is to use grippers.  Yes, those.  However, the plastic handled grippers you may know from the sports store are not the ticket.  For real hand strength, you need to go with something industrial strength.  I use the Captains of Crush (COC) grippers from Ironmind, myself, but there are other grip trainers out there.  Here’s my workout:

Warm up: 3×10 w/ each hand on COC “Sport” (80lbs), plus 3×10 w/grippers upside down.

Challenge Gripper: COC #2.5 (237.5lbs) –got 3 closes w/ right hand, closed w/left to within 1mm

COC  #2 (195lbs) –several closes w/ both hands, both normal and upside down grip

Working Sets: COC #1 (140lbs) 3×6 w/ each hand; 3×6 upside down

Supporting Sets: Five finger squeeze and thumb pinch with Ironmind Green Egg, Hand Expansions with Ironmind white band (50 reps/hand)

I have taken to using chalk with my grippers, as they are heavily knurled, and will chew your hands up pretty well if you’re not careful.

My interim goal is to get the #2.5 grippers closed with both hands consistently, and then work up to closing them upside down.

My big goal, which I hope to hit by June, is to close the #3 grippers.  These require 280 lbs of hand strength to close, and essentially provide you street cred in the grip world if you can close them.  It should be noted that closing grippers is significantly harder, pound for pound, than simply supporting the listed weight.


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