Workout Report: Caveman Gym 1/6/11

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Workout Reports

My friend Chris and I took a sojourn out to the garage for a little after dinner caveman-ing last night.  We’d both eaten way, way too much, but we went for it anyway.  This, of course, resulted in some minor abdominal issues that served quite succinctly to prove that we had stripped off our thin veneer of civilization.  It may be that the big glasses of wine at dinner helped in the process of reverse evolution, as well.  It was good that we were in the open air.

Due to our weakened condition, we didn’t so much workout as just hoist sandbags for laughs.  That said, we did some squats, some stone lift-style moves, and I showed him the Turkish Get-Up.  I hadn’t tried to do anything but the standard Stone Lift with my big bag (150 lbs), and I decided to try a few other things.  I can tell you that shouldering a 150 pound sandbag is an experience.  I think I made a sound similar to this: “Hooouff!”

I did a few tries with putting the big bag overhead, but it’s pretty awkward, and I wasn’t willing to throw in a heroic effort and possibly rip my pants.  I think I can do it, I just have to get my technique down.  I tried the 50 lb sandbag for a suspended Turkish Get-Up, but the bag squirmed on me and I had to bail from the standing position or have my arm twisted off.  Again, I think it’s do-able, but I’m just clumsy.

Finally, I successfully did some overhead squats with the 50 lb sandbag without tipping over, dropping the bag on my head, or suffering any embarrassing injury.  This was nice.  I can tell you that overhead squats are pretty humbling exercises.  I am again impressed with how hard core Olympic Weightlifters are, since the overhead squat is an absolute essential when training to do the snatch lift.  Yeah, I’m not going to be threatening anyone’s spot on the roster in the near future.  It’s a great exercise, though.  Talk about full-body muscle activation.  Jeesh!

Chris and I also tried a drill that I’ve seen John Brookfield do, which is to take a big beach towel, each person grasping two corners, and just whip it up and down as fast as they can.  It looks totally foolish, I’ll grant you that.  In terms of sudden, surprising strain on your system, though, it rules.  I was shocked.  Perhaps, when my pride knows no lower limits, I’ll post a video and you can see what I mean.

Again and again, I come back to how much fun it is to have these unorthodox strength implements around.  They really allow you to approach exercise as a consistent challenge, one that can be undertaken at any time and shared with friends.  Because there are so many ways to work with the Caveman Gym implements, and each one changes with differently shaped and weighted tool, there’s no reason to ever get stale.

Happy Lifting!

  1. Bobby-T says:

    Interesting stuff! It seems you’ve increased your workout regimen to quite a degree.

    • Bobby,

      That is true. I’ve been increasing the volume of my training quite a bit. I have a bunch of goals that I hope to hit by June 1st, and I have to keep at it or I will fall short. Glad you could come by.

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