Workout Report: Bench Day 1/8/11

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Workout Reports

I went to the Northwest Community Center to do my Bench Press oriented workout today.  I haven’t been benching seriously since college, which is a long time ago.  Embarking upon a goal-specific program after these many years feels good, but also calls for some caution.  My left shoulder has a lot of scar tissue in it from many, many dislocations, as well as my own foolish application of massive weight through the years.  My right biceps tendon and elbow are likewise afflicted with some old, persistent injuries.  As you can imagine, this makes heavy bench pressing a bit fraught with peril.

Still, if it were easy, we wouldn’t like it as well.  My current program is sort of a bizarre hybrid of a few programs I’ve had success with in the past.  I do 5×5 with moderate weight and narrow grip, then go for 3×3 with wide grip and heavy weight.  After that, I go for 3×1, ramping up to an in-workout max.  I finish up with a quick 1×5 with lighter weight, just to move some blood around in the muscle.  The set I’m pleased with today allowed me to push out a 3 rep with 315.  Just a shadow of my former self, but not bad for only being “back” for a few weeks.  Bench is way more of a technical lift than many people imagine.  It takes a while to get your form down, so that all your extensors are firing at the appropriate time, and in the appropriate balance.  My goal for bench is to be putting up 405 “Four Wheels” by late spring.  I think it’s do-able.

In addition to bench, I also do leg press and calf raises (6×10/6×20), dumbbell power snatch for 3x(3+3 alternating), butterflies and reverse butterflies (3×10), and my own odd biceps move I call “Irish Mikes”, which are dumbbell hammer curls in front of the body, touching the sternum/chin.

My arms are pretty dead right now, but I just got back from eating some great Italian food, and I plan to lay around in front of the TV for a while and recuperate.

Happy Lifting!


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