Workout Report: Deadlift Day 1/11/11

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Workout Reports

I had a good day in the gym today.  It was deadlift day, and so I was glad to not go in feeling sore or tired, as this doesn’t help you out any with the big, full body exercises.  Started with a warmup on the elliptical machine for 20 minutes, then did some light sets with leg curls and extensions (3×10) to warm up my knee joints.  For you younger guys, this will become important as you hit your mid thirties.

I am doing trap bar deadlifts at present.  Long ago, when I was in high school, I didn’t really care for trap bar very much.  I was used to doing sumo-style deadlifts with heavy weight, and the trap bar just didn’t quite feel the same.  Coming back to it years later, I find that I’m really enjoying it.  My set/rep routine is crazy, just like it is for my bench pressing.  I do 5×5, then 3×3, then 3×1, then 1×5 with the high handles.  Today, I actually threw in an extra 3×1 with the high handles, because I was feeling sassy.  I worked up to pulling 415, 415, 425 with the low handles, then did 3 singles with 425 using the high handles.

In weeks past, I’ve had some knee complaints during and after these workouts, but the knee came through without any issues today.  My only nagging injury is with my right elbow/bicep, which was fine doing the trap bar, but doesn’t allow me to go full-bore on some of the other exercises I am training toward a goal.

After trap bar, I did dumbbell clean and press with 80 lb ‘bells for 3x(3+3 alternating).  I finished up with 5×10 dips and 5×5 wide lat pulldowns.

I like to think this is just about a perfect routine, in that I pull up, push up, push down, then pull down.  Then again, I might just be weird.

I had enough time to do a hard 10 minute interval back on the elliptical to finish up.  When I went outside, it was fun to watch the steam rise off of the legs of my sweats.  It was probably 18 degrees out as I was coming home, so it was the perfect weather for steam, I think.

I think that my goal of a  500 lb trap bar pull is within easy reach.  I hope to be pulling it well before my June deadline.

Happy Lifting!


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