Workout Report: Crush Grip Day 1/12/2011

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Workout Reports

Crush grip day came again yesterday, and I was back at it, chalking up and squeezing my Captains of Crush Grippers from Ironmind.  (link in the Strength Links if you’re interested).

Last night didn’t prove to be a great session for maximum effort crush grip.  This is sometimes the case.  I can only suppose that the donuts I ate during the day weakened me.   In point of fact, it was probably just lingering effects of doing deadlifts the day before.  In any event, my closure of the 2.5 grippers was just not happening.

That said, I made hay with the #2 grippers.  I thought that I’d go until I was consistently failing, but I finally had to just stop, because I was tearing my hands up something fierce.  I imagine that I got a few dozen closes during the course of my adventure.

I got through my 3×6/3×6 routine (normal and upside down grip) with the COC #1, even after really hammering out a lot of reps with the heavier grippers.  I finished up with the Ironmind Green Egg squeeze ball, and the hand-expander rubber band.

As of today, the hands feel good.  No hand, carpal tunnel, or wrist pain in evidence.  I’m pretty satisfied with the workout, though I would have liked to get more closes with the #2.5.  It just goes to show you that some days your body is in tune for maximum lifting, and other times it’s ready to churn out a whole bunch of reps at a lower percentage of maximum.

Happy Lifting!


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