Workout Report: Deadlift Day 1/18/11

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Workout Reports

Today was a nice surprise.  I thought that I was getting sick last night, as I had a sore throat.  Several of my friends and coworkers have had this issue lately, and I figured I was next.  Lucky for me, though, I felt fine this morning.  I guess the minor sense of illness yesterday was fallout from Garfield-ing around the house all day.

My trap-bar deadlift odyssey took a good turn with my lifts this morning.  I managed to pull 325 for 5 reps, 395 for 3, and 445 for a single.  I also did 435 for three singles with the high handles.  It was good.  My knee felt strong the whole time, and there was no pain.  Don’t get me wrong.  You hoist and hold 400+, it’s somewhat uncomfortable.  That said, I did long holds with each of my singles, and at the end of all my sets.  It was good.

I left the rest of my workout the same as last time, with 5×10 on dips, 80lb dumbbells for my clean and press, and 200 on my lat pull downs.  I’m not overly fatigued at this point, though I do have that mondo-calm feeling I always get after pulling heavy.

Happy Lifting!


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