Workout Report: Crush Grip Day 1/19/11

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Workout Reports

As it turns out, if you’ve been ripping phone books in half all day, that has a negative impact on your ability to squeeze your grippers.  I imagine most of you folks out there probably already tumbled to that fact.  Never one to let a theory go untested, however, I figured I’d go ahead with my grip workout anyway.

As I mentioned in the past, I’ve been using the Ironmind Captains of Crush grippers (See the Strength Links area for a link to the website).  My goal for this year as a whole is to close the Captains of Crush #3.  That said, it is a mountain that is hard to climb and I am thus far only in the foothills.  I have closed the 2.5 grippers with my right hand, but the performance I’m seeing is still spotty.  On days when my hands are fatigued already, I often fail at the 2.5s.  This is expected, as it took me some time to become confident in my closure with the #2s.

I also alluded to the fact that the COC grippers are not the only way to go in regard to grip training.  Far from it.  My friend Josh Hanagarne, whose two great sites are also in the “Strength Links” area, let me try his “Vulcan Gripper” yesterday.  Now, the Vulcan gripper is not a set, single resistance, as most grippers are.  Instead, it has a spring that can be moved further from the pivot point of the gripper, thereby increasing the resistance.  Thus, one gripper can do the work of many.  I’m told that it can go from below the resistance of a COC #2 to above that of a #4, the nearly-unattainable pinnacle of grip mastery.

My short experience with the gripper was a positive one.  Comparatively, it is a heavy, substantial piece of equipment.  Unlike the COC grippers, its load-bearing surfaces are smooth, featuring no knurling.  Thus, a dry, perhaps chalked hand would be necessary for best efforts.  The adjustable nature of the tool intrigued me, and struck me as a great option, should you want to carry just one tool to train grip on the road, for instance.  The travel, at least on the fairly low setting I used, was very smooth, the ramping of the resistance seeming quite even and without a sudden uptick anywhere in the squeeze.  I will have to get more info from Josh about these grippers.  I know that they are made in the UK by a guy named David Horne, but little else.  If you’re interested in looking at them click on the following link.  You may have to scroll around a bit to find them, however.  It’s something of an old-fashioned site.  Vulcan Grips

Back to my somewhat lackluster grip workout.  The heavy grips were right out, to begin with.  Consequently, I did a lot of high-rep stuff with my COC “Sport” grippers, then a good bit of work with the Ironmind “Green Egg” squeeze ball.  I finished up with the “Expand Your Hand” bands.  A desultory workout, yes, but with all the ripping that I had been doing, it was all that my hands had in them.

Happy Lifting!


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