Workout Report: Sandbag Wonderland

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Workout Reports

I spent my caveman time shooting videos yesterday.  Yeah, that doesn’t sound right to me, either.  We’ll just have to get past it.  As I have been alluding to, I wanted to shoot some demo videos for all the implements in the caveman gym.  Well, we’re closer to that goal today than we were last week.

I shot four videos yesterday.  One, you’ve already seen (ripping apples).  I also have one about grippers, and two demos of the exercises you can do with sandbags.  I’ve got a collection of moves for lifting off the ground and for squatting, the most important exercises with ‘bags, in my humble opinion.  Over the next few weeks, each of the videos will be featured here, and will take their place in the videos section.

It turns out that doing a handful of reps with every squat and lift variation I could think of was a fairly good workout.  I sweat through my t-shirt, though it was no more than 35 degrees outside.  I hope you’ll enjoy the vids, and I’ll continue to shoot more of them as time and inspiration allow.

Happy Lifting!


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