Workout Report: Crush Grip 1/25/11

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Workout Reports

Sitting before the television, I am sometimes moved with the urge to work with my grippers.  Now, in most cases, I’ll just do a few reps for kicks, unless it is my day (Wednesday) to work crush grip.  Well, I jumped the gun yesterday, because I was just plain excited to work with my new “pet” idea for using flexible PVC to alter the resistance on the Captains of Crush.  Here’s how it turned out.

I put the PVC tubes over my COC #3 grippers, half way up the handles for the initial reps.  I found that I could get six reps easily with my right hand, and with a bit more difficulty with my left.  From there, I slowly turned the tubes upward, going perhaps a millimeter at a time, increasing the resistance with each round of gripping.  I ended up getting about three sets of six reps, then about three sets of three (or three singles with my left hand), then a few hard single reps.  I ground down to a halt with the tubes about 1/3 of an inch from the top of the grips.

From there, I backed down to half-way up the grips and did some inverted closes.  I finished up with a few tries with the grippers in their unleavened state, and then some cool down work with the “Sport” grippers, and then a cheap pair of standard grippers.

I think that the PVC method works great, allowing for incremental increases throughout your workout.  You can pretty much pick your poison, anywhere from well below the gripper’s standard resistance, all the way to maximum.  I can pretty much put away everything but the #3, if I want to.  Score!

Happy Lifting!


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