Workout Report: Bench Day 1/29/11

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Workout Reports

It was a tough, productive workout today at the Northwest Recreation Center.  I woke up at around six this morning, feeling as if evil gnomes had been hitting me with sticks and lead pipes while I was sleeping.  “Vitamin I” to the rescue (ibuprofen).  By the time I’d warmed up on the elliptical machine for 20 minutes, things were looking up, and I was feeling vaguely human.

The leg workout on the leg press machine went well.  I had no knee pain or clicking, even though I was concentrating on slow repetitions today, and my highest working set was the maximum for the machine (405…and the “not kidding” kind of 405).  I did 6×10 leg presses and 6×20 calf presses.

On the bench, I had a good outing.  My narrow 5×5 work, which I have discovered is essentially the “dynamic effort” that Westside Barbell training speaks of, went well, and was tough.  Even though 225 is pretty light for me, stopping on the chest and then trying to accelerate the bar hard each rep is a challenge.  On to my 3×3.  I did 275 very easily, then 315, then 315 for a 5-rep, which was neat.  On my one rep work, I did 335, 345, 345, all clean reps.  I finished up with 225 for max reps.  I got 19 this week, but I feel like I was more fatigued at that point in the workout than I had been last time.

I considered doing the dumbbell power snatches, but I was just not feeling it.  I did bent rows 3×10 with 80 lb dumbbells instead.  From there, I did my “Irish Mike” hammer curls 5×5 with the 80’s, finally finishing up with 3×10 on both butterflies and reverse butterflies.

In the aftermath, I’m feeling no pain, but I’m tired.  I’m going to sit around for a while, letting my chicken-fried steak and eggs begin the healing process.

Happy Lifting!


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