Workout Report: Deadlift Day 2/1/11

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Workout Reports

It was a big day at the Northwest Community Center.  I had my best outing thus far with trap bar deadlift, pulling 345 for 5, 415 for 3, and a big 495 for a single.  That puts me well ahead of schedule, only five pounds under my goal, and I have until June to get there.

I pulled a three rep with the high handles with 415 to finish up, then decided to change up my workout a little.  I went for some standing dumbbell overhead presses, and elected to “run the rack” as the old Gold’s Gym guys used to do.  This means that you do a set, then pick the next highest pair, and the next, until you decide to stop.  I ran the rack from 35s up to 70s, with ten reps up to the 55s, then eight for 60s and six for the 65s and 70s.  Felt good.

I decided that the dumbbell clean and press was duplicating effort, and also reckoned that, by the end of the increasingly-hard deadlift workout, I just wouldn’t have enough pop to pull off the ground.

I did a slightly different dips/pulls workout, too, supersetting them together and using rope pulls for the pulldown aspect.  Not bad.  I’m happy with my progress, and that I’m not literally dying at this point.  Even the stupid ten pound plate that fell from shoulder height on my little toe didn’t cause any permanent harm, so life is good.

Happy Lifting!


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