Workout Report: Caveman Gym 2/2/11

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Workout Reports

It occurred to me that I was “planning to fail” in regard to the schedule I had put together for my workout week.  I was hoping, somehow, to wedge a caveman gym session on Thursday, which is generally difficult going on impossible.  Wednesday, however, I usually have some time.  Downside: it’s the day after my big deadlift workout, and I had reservations about planning another session without a day of rest.

Well, sometimes you just have to workout when you have the time.  This is one of those circumstances.  Wednesday is my new caveman gym day.  There.  I’ve said it.  Let’s move on.

It was a fantastic day to caveman it.  at 10:20 PM, when I found myself in the cave, it was a balmy 15.1 degrees F.  Perfect hoisting weather.  I had been hoping to try a new workout that had been dancing the bossa nova around my head for a few days, and so I gave it the nod and allowed it to debut.

Boy, howdy.  It’s a keeper.  Very simply, cruelly effective.  Here goes.  I started with bucket k-swings (like kettlebell swings, but with a heavy bucket).  I did one hand, then the other, then both hands.  I went through this evolution twice.  Because you hold a bucket with your fingers, in sort of an extended grip, this puts some hurtin’ on your forearms.  Good stuff.

From there, I went to one handed overhead squats.  I did ten overhead, then ten in the bearhug grip.  I then switched hands and did that all over again.  I did this evolution twice, as well, resulting in 80 reps on the squat.  I can tell you that the weight required to reduce your legs to jelly is not very high.  By this point in the workout, I was feeling a little shaky in the legs.

I finished up with some Turkish Get Ups with the sandbag.  In the past, I’d only successfully done them with the weight cradled like a football, but I went for the “real deal”, wherein you suspend the weight and hold it above you the whole time.  Happily, I was able to complete the exercise several times with each arm.  Oy, but that thunder-smacks your lower abdominal region.

The whole workout took only about a half an hour, only enough to get up to track five on the fabulous “Wintersun” album.  Nothing like a record that features tunes like “Winter Madness” to accompany you when you’re in a t-shirt and vest at 15 degrees.  I can tell you that I was saying something on the order of, “holy crap” for several minutes after completing the workout, and that despite the temperature, I was good and sweaty when I shut down the lights and went in.

I tell you, this caveman-ing is good stuff!

Happy Lifting!


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