Workout Report: Caveman Gym 2/3/11

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Workout Reports

A few friends came over for dinner last night, and things being what they are, our visit devolved into cavemannery after a time.  Full of chicken casserole and wine, we retired to the caveman gym.  As I had cavemanned the prior night, I intended only to do some heavy bag work.

My stalwart friend Chris joined in, hoisting my 80 lb bag as I grappled with the big 150.  Craig, my other guest, has yet to be moved with the spirit of the cave people, and chose to stand nearby and laugh at us as we strained, grunted, belched, and wondered if our trousers would make it through intact.

I had concocted the idea of doing my version of power cleans with the big 150.  Is it possible?  Yes.  Is it easily repeatable?  Not just yet.  The explosion out of the re-squat portion of the lift is tricky, as is getting your hands underneath the bag in the right attitude.  It’s something to work on.  I defaulted back to the stone-lift style movement for the bulk of the workout, as well as doing some shouldering.  I’m getting more adroit at shouldering the 150.  The trick seems to be to get a lower grip on the bag in the deep re-squat.

Chris also did some shouldering with the 80, and was working on triple extension at the end of the stone lift move.  He did some squats, as well.  His technique is progressing.

At some point, I was goated into showing them what I’d done the previous night, so I ended up doing a round of overhead+bearhug squats, which hit my legs right in the hurt button.  I finally gave them a short demo of the Turkish Get Up, which I’m happy to say came off without any injury or embarrassment on my part.

All in all, a fun outing, and a good evening.  Good food, good company, and some quality time in the 16 degree chill, hoisting our favorite clumsy objects.

Happy Lifting!


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