Workout Report: Deadlift Day 2/9/11

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Workout Reports

I usually do this workout on Tuesday, but it was Wednesday this week.  After my rock ’em sock ’em workout last week, I wondered what this week would bring.  Well, you aren’t always ready to pull heavy weight.

Deads started pretty well today.  I decided to go with straight sets, rather than ascending ones.  I did the full 5×5 with 325, and it felt very manageable.  With that in mind, I went right to 415 for my triples.  I got the first two sets up there okay, but on the first rep of set three, my body said, “well, you’re done with that.”  I pulled one more single, but that was it.  I didn’t expect miracles this morning, anyway, as I’ve had a sore wrist and elbow on the right side, and was happy to just pull comfortably.

From there, I went to dumbbell overhead press.  Same “running the rack” as last week, but I went from 35s to 75s this time.  Ten reps up to 55s, then eight at 60, six at 65 and 70, and five tough ones at 75.  From there, I did 5×5 at 200 on wide grip pulldowns.  After the presses, I had no arm drive left for dips.

As per usual, I warmed up my knees with the elliptical, then curls and extensions.  Ooff!  I’m sore.

Happy Lifting!


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