Workout Report: Bench Day 2/13/11

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Workout Reports

You never know when you’re in danger.  Here’s me, doing dumb stunts all week, and the thing that lays me low is…wait for it…sitting on my butt too long on Saturday.  Yep.  Awesome.  I got up from the chair on Saturday evening and could hardly hobble along.  My left hip and lower back were all tied up in knots.  Nevertheless, I made a go of it on Sunday, as time and iron wait for no man, woman, caveman, ape-man, sasquatch, etc.

I warmed up on the elliptical and rolled around on the Swiss ball to get my back operating, then did a bunch of back extensions on the *grr* machine.  I then did my new thing where I replicate 20 rep breathing squats on the leg press.  That workout, even taken away from the “real” exercise, is serious business.  My thighs were shuddering like I was soaking up line voltage.  Good stuff.  I went for 60 reps on calf raises, which was pretty much “to the pain.”

We’re all good so far.  Now, on to bench.  The narrow grip, dynamic effort element went fine, with 5×5, dead stop benches working quite nicely.  My wide grip work, however, just wasn’t happening.  I don’t know why.  I felt otherwise strong and good.  I changed venues and did dumbbell incline press with 80s.  Those were followed by bent rows for 3×10 with the same 80s, and punctuated with 5×5 “Irish Mike” curls, again with 80s.

At this point, I had achieved “the pump” that bodybuilders often speak of.  I was also sweating in a torrent.  Other gym users kept their distance for some reason.  I finished the weight work with butterflies and reverse butterflies, which only increased the pump.

I did ten more minutes on the elliptical, and ten minutes on the recumbent bike before calling it a day.  The movement did help untie my back muscles quite a bit, and today, I’m feeling fair to middling.  I don’t know if I’ll deadlift heavy this week, as that sounds like a poor plan when you have a back complaint.  We will see how I feel on the morning in question.


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