Workout Report: Caveman Gym 2/23/11

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Workout Reports

Caveman Madness! It was captured on film last night, and will be up for all of you to see, probably this weekend. I tell you, every time I go out and caveman up, it justifies, in my own mind, all the blather that I subject you poor folks to in my reports.

Seriously, in 40 minutes, I was able to get a workout that shook me right down to the marrow. I am not kidding. Even with the added complexity of trying to get it on film, there is almost nothing that can reach up and kick my butt so easily and thoroughly. When I was sitting inside and reviewing the raw footage, my body felt much like the aftermath of a really hard wrestling match. For anyone who’s wrestled (the real kind, not with chairs to the head and elbow drops from the top ropes), this is serious talk. Wrestling is brutally hard.

On to the telling part. I started by going through some of the stunts I told you about last week. I figured that, since the camera was present, I may as well capture it for embarrassing myself on the in-tar-webs. I went through the repertoire, and managed to get a few more crazy stunts as well. Among these were shouldering a 150 lb bag and then picking up a heavy bucket (50 lb), and hoisting 4 cinderblocks at once (two in each hand).

After stunting it up, I did a set of bucket k-swings (10/10/20), marking the first time the bucket exercises have been captured on film.

Finally, I did the standard stone lift with the 150 lb bag (I’m thinking of calling it the blue meanie), for reps. That, in itself, was a fricken’ trial. The set lasted about four and a half minutes. I haven’t counted the total reps, but it was serious business. In the past, I’ve usually gone at a slower pace, hoisting the bag, then walking around for a while. This time, I kept at it, never really stepping away from the bag for more than a few seconds.

One interesting side effect that I hadn’t anticipated is that the workout hit my abdominals like a sledgehammer. Awesome. All things considered, I feel great the next day. My bad elbow is a little sore, but not bad. Also, because of the method by which you manipulate the big bags, it recruites your forearms and biceps like crazy. As one can imagine, however, the primary target areas of the back, legs, and glutes are also hammered.

Man, I love this stuff. Everyone could work this into their schedule. It takes only a little space, and building the implements is cheap. If money got tight and I had to quit going to the “normal” gym, I don’t think I would lose out on much. Sure, I like the dumbbell and barbell lifts, but I really feel like someone could get everything they needed with the caveman implements. I have a few ideas bopping around in my head for new, optional items, and I’ll be sharing them with you as I explore and learn about them, but just the sandbag/bucket/cinderblock setup is a potent combination. I challenge you to try it out.

Happy Lifting!


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