Workout Report: Caveman Gym 3/9/11

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Workout Reports

It’s official. The slam bag is the cat’s ass. I went out for some caveman action last night, and ended up using ONLY the slam bag. I was reduced to a quivering mass of hurtin’ mammal in short order. Read on for the details.

I warmed up with the cinderblocks, doing some bent rows, shoulder presses, and “walking the block”, a stunt that has yet to be captured on camera, but soon will be, I ween. Once I’d assured that my limbs worked and were ready to rock, I grabbed the slam bag and went to town.

I did:

  • Snatch lifts (one and two handed)
  • Twisting snatch lifts (two handed)
  • Overhead squats (one and two handed)
  • Lateral, forehand bag slams against the wall
  • Lateral, backhand bag slams against the wall
  • Two hand slams from full extension
  • One hand shouldering from the ground
  • One hand hoist to headlock position from the ground
  • Squats from headlock position
  • Squats from one-shoulder position
  • The “Swoop and Slam”
  • Compound movements putting two or more of the components above together, often with squatting involved

What is the “Swoop and Slam?” With the bag on the ground in front of you, you reach down, slapping your hand against the bag, then grasp hard and pull the bag upward to shoulder level. Envision a hawk grasping a varmint and taking off with it. That’s the hand movement. At the moment the bag hits shoulder level, reverse your thrust and slam the bag hard. Then do the same thing with the other hand. Part of the fun is having the bag in a slightly different orientation and distance each time. It absolutely brutalizes your lower abs. It’s a good thing. All of the exercises are very dynamic, and they get your heart pegging off the rev limiter with each set. You’ll burp. You’ll have to blow your nose. You’ll make pained gasping noises.

Afterward, I was soaked with sweat. It took me twenty minutes to stop sweating. This is winter in Utah we’re talking about here. There were no balmy conditions present. After a half an hour, the true impact, especially on the stomach, shoulders, and lower arm/hand area became clear. The slam bag kicks major butt. If you’re bored with your workout regime and want to try something entirely different, something that’ll stress your body in a way it is in no way inured to, this is a great option. The cost of the slam bag was a whopping $14, so it won’t put you in the poor house.

Happy Lifting!



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