Workout Report: More Caveman Action 3/10/11

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Workout Reports

The snow had melted by last night, and so I was able to test out the slam bag in a wider environment. This allowed me to try a few moves that involved throwing the bag. With me was my stalwart and adventurous buddy, Chris. He’s always up for trying my newest crazy ideas, even after we’ve eaten a big dinner or drank too much booze.

As dusk was closing in around us, we took the slam bag out and I showed him some of the moves I talked about in the previous report. He will, if asked, report that, yes, overhead squats are difficult. We threw the bag in various ways, including from Zercher hold, chest-pass style, forward from overhead, backward from the ground, heave-ho style, straight up from one or two handed, and I even tried a little hammer-throw spin action.

It’s all great fun, and challenges your body like crazy. Chris stopped, held his stomach, and indicated to me that he had suddenly “felt it” after just a few minutes of tomfoolery. If anything, the slam bag is even more fun with a partner, as you can throw the bag back and forth, challenge the other person to do a stunt, and otherwise goof around between bouts of high activity.

We finished up with some bucket swings. The look on Chris’s face when he really got the bucket swinging up to shoulder height was priceless. He looked at me with an alarmed look and went, “Aaagh!” Awesome. Nothing like the look of surprise when you feel the impact of an efficient exercise. That’s what it is all about.

Happy Lifting!


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