Workout Report: Caveman Gym 3/17/11

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Workout Reports

After a long day at work and a nice evening shooting the breeze with friends, it was time to get out there and caveman it up for a while. After all the interruptions in my workouts of late, it was important that I keep the faith and didn’t succumb to the impetus to be a weenie. I didn’t succumb.

After being absorbed by the bags and buckets over the last few weeks, I decided that it was time that I do a cinderblock workout. While listening to “Damage Done” by Dark Tranquility, I went to work with the blocks. Caveman stuff doesn’t have to be complicated. I just did two exercises, three sets each, to the point of pain. The two exercises were full squat axe swings and bottoms-up clean and press. I don’t think I’ve ever done as many bottoms-up reps, collectively. Certainly not in one workout. I usually do just a few within a larger workout framework. Doing them in an endurance method was tough, but also fun. You really have to focus on explosive motion to get the reps cleanly. The axe swings, of course, are fantastic exercises, as they rotate the shoulders and elbows, as well as putting equilateral stress on the abdominals.

As is so often the case, the workout was fast, effective, and brutal. I was buzzing from my knees to my neck for a half hour afterward, and I can really feel the fallout today, as my hands and arms are sore from the high workload. Good stuff.

Happy Lifting!


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