Workout Report: Crush Grip Day 3/21/11

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Workout Reports

The mood struck me, so I went ahead and did a crush grip workout just now. I only had COC #1s at my disposal, so it was somewhat endurance/strength biased. Details below the fold.

With the #1 Captains of Crush grippers, I first did consecutive single reps with a set until failure with both hands. I got a heck of a lot of reps with each hand in this way. After this, I went with no set inverted closes in a consecutive single rep method until failure with both hands. As above, I only let the hands rest for 1-2 seconds between reps, though I had to shake out my left hand somewhat more than my right to keep going.

Finally, I went for max reps with each hand, this time not resetting for each rep, but going consecutively. I got a solid twelve reps, then five, then three, then a few singles out of the right hand. The left quickly devolved into singles, then forced reps. I went inverted again with both hands, and had a solid ten of no-set with the right, but my left was essentially dead by that time, necessitating some forced reps and some plain old partial reps.

My forearms pumped hard, and I think that it was a pretty productive effort. I have found that, given my hand-exhausting other workout features, I’ve been doing less crush grip, but I have to hit the hands at least once a week with something like a standard workout in order to keep from backsliding.

As a side note, I have been doing some steel bending here and there. I did 60D nails “every way” twice last week. That is, reverse bends in both hands, palms up and palms down. Clearly, there are more “ways”, but I have yet to have good luck at bending overhand from the waist. I just don’t seem to get much leverage in that position. We can’t all be John Brookfield, eh?

Happy Squishing!


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