Workout Report: Caveman Gym 3/23/11 (and more!)

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Strength Stunts, Workout Reports

Due to a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday (took my aunt to the optometrist), I missed deadlift day. It was thus necessary to make up a workout yesterday, and make it up with cavemannery! (Details below the fold)

I went back to bags this time around, and since deadlift day is primarily a deadlift and overhead press extravaganza, it was clear that there’d be a lot of hoisting and a lot of overhead stuff. To warm up, I did a bunch of weighted stretches with the breaker bar, which is about ten pounds of iron. It prepared my body for the upcoming onslaught.

My first exercise was two handed snatch with the slam bag. I did these nice and easy, warming up as things progressed. After a set of snatches, I went for a combination exercise of snatch to overhead squat, finished with a two hand slam. I did a set of ten of these, and that functioned to fully warm up the old caveman body.

I broke out the 80 lb sandbag at that point, doing stone lift hoists to the overhead position. I did a two sets of these, interspersed with a set in which I shouldered the bag, pressed it, transferred it to the other shoulder, pressed it, and finally pressed it from my sternum. On the last few reps, since I felt froggy, I did additional presses. Though the 80 is not terribly heavy, doing the overhead stuff with pace, and really controlling the bag, is a fair challenge.

I went for my big lift at this juncture, going for ten stone lifts with the Blue Meanie (150 lb sandbag). As a twist, I did a full 10+ second hold at the top each time. These holds are complicated insofar as it is difficult to draw breath with a large sandbag pressing on one’s diaphragm. In other words, it was bitchin’. I did ten with about four to six breaths in between each rep, and it yielded quite a workout. The lifts went great, and I felt strong and sure each time. Should I have desired to do so, I could have kept at it for another several hoists, but I’d hit my goal, and so called it a night.

I was having a bad counting night, and so most of my “ten rep” sets were probably about twelve, since I round downward in the case of confusion. The whole workout, including warm up, took exactly the duration of Dark Tranquility’s “Haven”, sans weird bonus track. The next day, I feel good, with no untoward soreness, and no sense of having strained anything. It seems that I’m beginning to adapt to these high workload sessions.

In Other News:

I did another crush grip workout, this time with my “adjustable” COC #3, as well as their friends. I got a no-set close with the COC #2 with both hands, and got a close with the #2.5 with my right. The hands are doing tolerably well.

I’ve also been trying a few weird stunts with phone books. I got a white pages (500 page) rip without using my index fingers in one session, and another rip of the same type of book without thumbs on another. Fun stuff. My “grip and rip” method is generally successful with 700-800 pages now, and the rips are generally getting cleaner and quicker.

…and that’s about it for now.

Happy Lifting!

  1. Chris says:

    Sounds great, Pat! I’m looking forward for my liners to arrive and I can begin my smash bagging!

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