Workout Report: Weird Day 4/9/11

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Workout Reports

Today was supposed to be Bench Day. Then I realized that there was a triathlon happening at my gym. Cascade effect: I didn’t get much done there before giving up and going home.

At home, though…hoo boy! Cavemanning nearly to the point of regurgitation went on. It was a high intensity interval training routine, and here were the exercises:

  1. Snatch to slam
  2. 2 handed bucket swing
  3. Block push-ups
  4. 2 handed block bent rows
  5. Bear hug sandbag squats

I went through the progression three times, only resting when my heart rate pegged and I just couldn’t go on. There was some groaning and ugliness in the gym today. It was awesome. It was short, though, so I may have to caveman again tomorrow.

Happy Lifting!


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