Workout Report: Deadlift Day 4/12/11

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Having hit my Trap Bar deadlift goal last week, I decided to back off a little bit in weight, going for a higher volume of quality reps this time out, and not worrying about max effort too much. The knee joints were a tad stiff and uncooperative this morning, but I do a long warmup, so things were feeling all right after a while.

I started with the typical 20m on the elliptical. I’ve gone up to the next difficulty level of late, and hit a slightly higher calorie count this time. My weight has also gone up some on my leg curls and extensions, though I don’t think of them as “heavy” exercises. I’m primarily using them to warm and tune up my knee ligaments and tendons (those I still have, at any rate). That said, I’m gradually getting stronger, and having to add a bit of weight to the movements.

After warming up with 145 and 235, I did 5×5 with 325 to get some volume work. I was holding at the top of the movement for a few seconds each time to get a lot of mileage on the erectors and grip. I moved on to 395 for 3×3, which felt paradoxically easier than the 5 rep sets. I ended with 3×1 at 445, 465, 465. That’s a lot of sets across with deadlift, and I took my time getting through them, but they felt good. I’ll probably go for the higher volume again next week, unless that doesn’t feel right when I arrive at the gym. Perhaps I’ll go 415 for the 3 reps, since the triples felt easy this week.

I did the “running the rack” dumbbell overhead press again, going from 35s to 75s once more. I did 10 reps up to 55s, then 8 at 60, 6 at 65, and 5 at 70 and 75. I ended up doing two sets of 6 at 65, as the 70s were in use. I concentrated on getting full range of motion, generally touching the ‘bells to my shoulder caps at the bottom on each rep. Again, lots of volume, but it felt fine.

I did 5×5 on pulldowns with the neutral grip bar, 3 sets neutral, the last two on the narrow middle segment. I finished with 5×5 of really deep dips, which was about all my triceps wanted to do at that point. That took me to a full two hours, and so I didn’t get a cool down bike ride.

In the “support” column of activities, I did the liquid hydrolyzed collagen protein before the workout and had a banana, milk, and Ovaltine smoothie afterward. Ce’st si bon.

Finally, I have been getting some darned good ab work in the evenings before bed. I’ve done the legs-up crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts, and other stuff. The combo of leg lifts and crunches is always a good one. I pulled my high-effort compound bow with 80 lb draw the other day, and it felt quite easy, so the strength gains have become subjectively noticeable at this point. That’s always nice. I’m hoping to really get some forward push on the bench in the coming few weeks. If I don’t, that 400+ bench goal will begin to look more and more unlikely. I’ll keep you in the loop on that.

Happy Lifting!


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