A life of pick-up games

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Articles, Workout Reports

If you’re like me (and I hope you’re not, because you’re probably ripping your pants and bleeding from the fingers too often if you are), you run around, doing odd things, exercising a little here, a little there. For instance, I keep grippers of some sort near most of the places I park my caboose during the day. Captains of Crush at my work desk, Grip Pro donuts where I watch TV, etc.

This won’t enumerate a “real” workout, but just give you a window into the weird world of a caveman. Last night, for instance, I did a fairly long grip workout with the three levels of Grip Pro donuts. I started with the red, and did a whole heck of a lot of closes at that level. I like to switch back and forth, doing one squeeze with each hand. That lets me keep “closing” without any real break, probably squeezing with each hand every six seconds or so. It’s a decent work rate. I went down to the black and did pinch squeezes, ten at a time, back and forth until I’d done five sets with each hand. I then did alternating standard squeezes by the tens for a while (probably six or eight sets per hand). From there, I went to the easy green and did about the same thing as with the black.

It was a good pump for the forearms and hands, but didn’t beat the skin up too badly or cause any stiffness or soreness. I won’t say that the Grip Pro donuts are as formidable as the COCs, but they’re pretty cool.

Today, I dropped in on my way to the restroom and did a little ersatz arm workout on the cable machine in the gym. I was alternating curls with extensions at a 12:20 ratio, and did three turns around without stopping. One of my coworkers happily brought me a battered yellow pages to rip, which I did. I broke it up into a 400 page “warmup” segment, which I did lefty, and then an 880 page segment which I did with “grip and rip” style. It was really easy. I think that, at least today, I might have been able to tear the whole 1200+ book.

Then there’s the apple I ripped for lunch, and of course the stack of magazines that gave me a nice little paper cut on my palm. Such is life for a caveman.

Stunt Well, Lift Happy, and Carry a Spare Set of Trousers!

  1. Chris says:

    Damn I love your descriptions lol, ripping my pants eh? Did that twice this week! I really enjoy this site and your posts, Pat! Truly well done

  2. Chris,

    Thanks! Easy on the pants, man. Pace yourself!

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