Update: The Big Meanie is Built!

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Strength Stunts

A while ago, I talked a bit about a kludged-together 200 lb sandbag that I’d been trying out. Well, that was just sort of putting my toe in the waters, as it were. I created that one by putting the Blue Meanie 150 and a 50 lb ‘bag in another big bag. It was very clumsy. Just a test really, but one that proved that, yes, Virginia, I could use a bag that heavy. Well, I decided that yesterday was the day to make the real one. I knew that I’d have to repack my 100 lb bag, as it had been my first bag, and I hadn’t really known what I was doing. It was getting to the point that it was so loose and so beaten up that it would cough out sand into my face at inopportune moments. Hmm…is there an opportune moment to get sand in the face? I’ll consider that and get back to you.

Back to my discussion. I built the Big Meanie, which is my name for the 200 lb bag, out of the sand and detritus from my 100 lb bag, as well as two 50 lb new bags I had hanging around from my last trip to Lowe’s. The interior compartment is two nested white filler bags from Ironmind, and the exterior bag is a nylon laundry bag I got from Amazon for about four bucks. This makes it one of the cheapest bags in my arsenal, going for, let us say, around $24 dollars, even if I count the cost of the “old” sand.

I left the sand quite a bit of room to move around, in true sandbag fashion. This proved to be a good idea, in that a “hard” ball of sand that big would be almost impossible to come to grips with. You need it to be squishable, just to get a hold of it properly.

Because I’m getting to be an old hand at this sandbag building thing, the process didn’t take long. The only mishap was that I got some sand in my shoes, which is what one can expect while engaging in these pursuits. After sealing the inner bags with duct tape, I fastened up the outer bag and gave it a go.

As you might expect, a 200 lb sandbag is a big old blob of a thing. I found that I had to work my hands beneath the bag in a sort of sawing/stabbing motion before I could attempt a hoist. I’m glad to say that I was able to hoist the bag several times without incident or injury. I even shouldered it once, and did a set of squats while hugging the bag, as well. I suspect that this might be a great weight for squatting. Oddly, the mechanics of squatting with a huge bag allow you to rest in the down position rather comfortably. Who knows? I might start doing 20 rep breathing squats with a sandbag. I imagine that might test my resolve and cause me to become even more hirsute.

In any case, stay tuned for more about the Big Meanie. I expect a video will be forthcoming, if the weather ever cooperates with me. I’m also planning videos featuring: the slam bag, more moves with buckets, and a demo of doing the Turkish get-up with a sandbag.

Stunt Well, Stunt Safely!

  1. Bobby-T says:

    Now that’s impressive!! I’m rather in awe of your stamina & determination – not to mention your strength. Bobby-T

  2. Bobby, I assure you that there’s more jackassery than anything else at work here. Thanks, though.

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