Update: Kettlebell Bottoms Up Clean

Posted: May 25, 2011 in kettlebells, Strength Stunts, Workout Reports

I’m a strange person. That should be fairly obvious to anyone who has been reading along up until now. Keeping this in mind, you probably won’t be surprised that my first “favorite” k-bell exercise is not among the standard repertoire of moves. At first, everything feels odd with a k-bell. The balance is different, the aim is different, it’s all new and strange. That said, the first exercise that I’ve actually felt slip into a “groove” is the bottoms up clean. More below the fold.

Yep, if you stop with the k-bell in the bottoms up “rack” position, then let it drop and go again, it feels…well, pretty darned awesome. It’s as much technique as anything, and it forces you to focus your mind and coordinate your body. And it’s a great grip test. I actually like it a lot better than the standard clean, as it feels more natural for me than trying to sweep my hand and catch the k-bell. Weird.

Anyway, I foresee myself doing a lot of these. I hope to get proficient enough that I can get maybe twenty at a time. My best so far is about ten or twelve reps before it starts flopping down on my arm, but I just tried it today. I’m going to have to try it with chalk, as I think that’ll help me a lot. Maybe wrist bands, too.

Happy Lifting!


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