Workout Report: Kettlebell Bottoms Up Cleans and More

Posted: May 26, 2011 in kettlebells, Workout Reports

As you may remember, I have been giving my friend and co-worker, Paul, some help with a few lifts to make him more macho. Specifically, the deadlift. He wanted me to watch him do his lifts and make any suggestions that seemed necessary. We met in the work gym during our lunch hour to do that very thing.

I had been wanting to bring some chalk in anyway, and this proved to be a good time to do it. Thus armed, Paul deadlifted and I did some work with my k-bell. More below the fold.

Paul’s a quick study, and fairly coordinated, so it wasn’t hard to get him going down the right path with his deadlifts. They’re going to be a good exercise for him. He’s to the point where I’d feel comfortable having him try them (with reasonable weight) by himself. I think that he’s felt how they’re supposed to feel, and can diagnose most problems he’ll run into as he does his workouts.

Meanwhile, I went to work with my bottoms up cleans. As I suspected, chalking up is a real advantage on this exercise. I was able to bang out several sets of ten with both hands. Eventually, my left hand started getting a little sketchy, and I knew that I’d gotten all the quality practice I was going to get.

By this time, Paul was done with his DLs and went off to parts unknown. I stayed behind and did one time-unlimited set of overhead presses with the 90 lb dumbbell, bringing them from the floor with each rep, in the strongman style. I concentrated on getting the highest possible quality on each rep, and did them one by one. I think long holds at the top with a single heavy dumbbell are really neat. They make you feel strong, and teach you how to balance a weight in the position where it’s at the top of your reach. I really feel like it’s a useful thing to practice.

I didn’t get ultra-sweaty, as I was there more for form training than gut checking purposes. Still, it was a good little session.

Happy Lifting!


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