Workout Report: Deadlift Day 6/14/11

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Workout Reports

No questions asked, I can Trap Bar Deadlift 505. More below the fold.

I started with my typical elliptical machine warm up. I might have to go up one more notch with that machine, as it is starting to feel a little easy. Still 20m isn’t bad, and it gets me moving.

Leg curls are up to 165 for 3×10

Leg extensions are still at 210 for 3×10, and feeling good.

I did singles again for deadlift. I worked up to 415, then 465, then 485, and peaked with 505 for three singles. I worked down with singles at 415, 325, and 235, just to get a few extra reps in. 505 didn’t feel easy, but doing it three times in one workout is ¬†pretty neat to me. I believe I’ll go to doubles next week, then triples, and on to 4s and 5s. I don’t know how high I can go with doubles. I suspect that I’ll be able to pull at least 465, and maybe 485. We shall see.

I went to 6×8 with the full stack on pull downs. It wasn’t easy, but I completed all the sets. I think I’ll have to stay there for at least another week before going to 9s.

Did some dips, then went and rode the bike for 15 minutes to finish up. I worked up a really good sweat today, and feel pretty good afterward. The back and knees are withstanding the heavy deadlifts without too much complaint, though I tend to get a little stiff later in the day, especially if I sit around too much.

Happy Lifting!


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