Update: Old Goals, New Goals

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Articles, kettlebells, Strength Stunts, Unfocused Rambling

In the coming weeks, I’ll be evaluating how near I came to reaching my goals that I’ve been working toward over the last six months. Some of them, like the trap bar deadlift, have been well documented. Others, not so much. I’ll have more info as I test myself and see what condition my condition is in. I suspect that some of them will be a ways off, and others will have sort of taken care of themselves, even if I haven’t really been training them that much in specific.

For now, I thought I’d barrage you with a few goals that I have for the upcoming six months. Most of these are “soft” goals that I hope to get without really doing anything that radical to get them, but others might require a bit of work. They’ll be added to the goals that I clearly didn’t achieve from the last round. Some things don’t come easy…

New Goals:

  • Balance a 24 kilo kettlebell in bottoms-up position at the rack (next to your head) and at full extension for a full minute.
  • Get a total of 100 bottoms-up cleans in ten minutes (with a 24k bell).
  • Get sets of 25 bottoms-up snatches with each hand reliably (with a 24k bell).
  • Get the 150 lb sandbag overhead 10 times in a workout.
  • Jump rope without dying immediately.
  • Contrive to make my belly smaller somehow (the toughest of all).

Just thought I’d share these with you. What are your workout goals for the summer? I’d love to hear them.


Happy lifting!

  1. Mike Tracy says:

    Low intensity excercise burns fat. Is there someplace you enjoy walking or hiking for an hour or two at a streach? Just load your iPod with all that new music, take a water bottle, and walk. I know, it sounds too simple but … there is a certain caveman logic to it.

  2. Mike, I like walking a lot. I work in a very large building, and that has the lucky benefit of giving me quite a lot of movement each day. I also try to get walking in at other times. For light exercise, I enjoy archery a lot when I’m home, and find that it keeps me on my feet and walking around quite a bit. I’m not terribly good at breaking away and hiking for hours, as I simply have a hard time breaking away for that long, but it is a good idea.

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