Workout Report: A Pain in me Gulliver

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Workout Reports

There are times when life seems to be conspiring against you. The summertime can sometimes be like that for working out. It’s beautiful weather, you want to frolic outside (or hide from the heat), and things come up. Vacations, doing multiple people’s jobs while they’re away on vacations, etc.

Yep, I’ve had that. Even today, when I had a block of time at lunch all ready to work out, things didn’t go as expected. I had my workout attire, down to my fancy new wrist bands to keep sweat off of my hands. I had Iced Earth on the stereo. I had the weight room to myself. I also had an incipient headache that I hoped would go away.

Funny thing about hoisting heavy objects–it doesn’t make your headache go away. On the contrary, it makes it a lot worse.

I managed to get some decent k-bell swinging in to warm up, then did some floor press with dumbbells, and a few sets of Pendlay rows with big dumbbells, before the pain in my head got too bad to continue.

Have no fear. I didn’t stroke out or anything. I just had to take some medicine and sit quietly until things ironed themselves out. I should know better. Every time I’ve ever tried to work though a headache, it’s always been a bad scene. I guess I just don’t learn very quickly.

Perhaps I’ll be able to jump in there and finish what I was doing tomorrow.

On the plus side, you should have seen the pump I had going. I’m not one to boast (well…) but it was pump-a-palooza in there. If I hadn’t been in so much pain, I would have really been tickled.

Hope to post more in the near future.

Happy Lifting!


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