Workout Report: Bench Day (Finally!)

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Workout Reports

It had been a while since I had been able to get in to the gym and have an actual bench day. Finally got back. It was good. More below the fold.

I started with narrow grip bench, stopping on the chest. I worked a superset between that and a weird hybrid of Yates, upright, and Pendlay rows on the Smith machine. Didn’t go too heavy, just 225 on both exercises for reps as high as 10 and as low as 5, as the workout went along. It’s easy for me to lose momentum on bench if I neglect it. I feel like it’s an exercise that really rewards constant practice. Still, it didn’t feel bad.

From there, I went to the pec fly machine. I found that I haven’t lost much of anything, and my slight change in the way I set up for the exercise has actually allowed me to keep up at a high weight. I worked from 175 up to 220, working from ten reps down to six. Not bad. I followed that up with reverse flies, which are one of my favorite exercises lately. I don’t go heavy, but I go slow and measured. Except for my last set, where I went faster, seeing how it felt to be “dynamic” with the exercise. It felt much easier that way. To mitigate this, I did rest/pause work, breathing for a second, then doing more reps. I was able to tack on four sets of five after my last set, and that really steamed my back muscles pretty well.

At last, I did a superset of cable arm curls and extensions. I did 15 curls to 20 extensions with 130, dropping to twelve reps with the curls on the third go around. It was short and sweet. I am going to try to go for shorter workouts, more frequently. I feel that these are more efficient and more beneficial to most people, who have limited time to work on their rehabilitation between workouts with stuff like massages and ice baths. Yeah, I don’t have time for that, nor people who will massage me.

Anyway, you folks will soon be seeing the results of my new bowmaking adventures in the form of a series of videos here on the site. Stay tuned!

Happy Lifting!

  1. Bobby-T says:

    Sounds good. Stay strong and healthy. Looking forward to the vids. Bob

  2. Bobby-T says:

    Just watched “Gone Shootin’ ” 4&5 on Vimeo. Lookin’ good. Bob

  3. Bob,

    Glad you liked ’em. The “how to” is coming. It’s longer, and failed to render properly yesterday. I’ll have to try again with my more sophisticated video program.

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