Workout Report: Squat Day

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Workout Reports

Yep, that’s right. You read it. Squat Day. After having hit my goal on trap bar deadlift, I think it’s high time I get down to business and pursue the squat. Here’s my plan: I’m going to squat every week (ish) for the next six months and see where I get. I’m going to try the “five pounds a week” method to see if I can get my weight up gradually and with good joint health.

Now, I’ll be doing the much maligned Smith Machine squats for the moment, because that’s what is available at the gym. I know, it’s pretty wussy of me to do Smith squats. Still, it’s more wussy to not do them at all. I can tell, right away, that I need to be doing this exercise. Why? Because I feel like someone hit me across the hamstrings with a 2×4, and I only did 5×5 with light weight (225) today. If I just go up 5 pounds a week, which seems like a pretty easy thing to do, I’ll be at 355 for 5×5 by mid-January. That’s not earth-shattering, but it’ll be good, safe progress.

Will I stop doing deadlifts? NO! I’ll probably do them a little less frequently, though. It’s likely that I’ll bring back some sandbag lifting to keep my lifting off the ground form sharp. It’s very possible that the squats will really carry over to my hoisting. I’m hoping so.

What else did I do?

Well, I did the obligatory leg curls and extensions to get my knees warm before squatting (that seems like it’ll be a permanent feature of leg day). I was able to maintain the weight I’d been using, or nearly so. 150 for curls, 190 for extensions.

I also did some calf raises on the leg press machine, 305 for 40, 35, 30, 25, 20. My calves need the work.

Lat pulldowns with the neutral grip bar also happened. I did the 200lb stack for 6×8 today, and felt good. My back is feeling strong.

I finished up with some recumbent bike riding, and that finished getting the sweat out.

A nice surprise happened when I found that I’d actually lost a few pounds since I’d last weighed. Happy Day.

I’ll keep you guys up to date.

Happy Lifting!


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