Workout Report: Overhead Pressing 7/23/11

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Workout Reports

I had to work today, and so I couldn’t go to the gym as I normally do on Saturday. Instead, I took my lunch hour in the work gym and did some serious overhead pressing with the big 90s. Again, this is from-the-ground, one at a time presses, like the press for reps event in a strongman contest. To my way of thinking, it lets you get the most reps with a heavy weight, because your muscles always have a short interval to recover their chemical energy between each rep. Also, this style is a full-body exercise, stressing everything from your toes to your neck with each lift. Great stuff.

As before, I just did one constant work rate set, never stopping to rest, but going nice and slow. Instead of doing one, blowing air, then going again, I did “mini sets”, doing one with each hand before the short breathing interval. In this way, I got at least two reps per minute, and probably got three or four reps/minute during the first fifteen minutes of the workout.

I went for thirty-one minutes, and though I didn’t count the reps, I know that I got well in excess of 60 quality reps with the 90lb dumbbell. I was absolutely soaked with sweat by the end, and had burned my way almost all the way through “Painkiller” by Judas Priest. It was a great workout.

Happy Lifting!


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