Workout Report: Squat Day 7/26/11

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Workout Reports

Another workout is in the books. Thus far, it feels as if I won’t be as sore this week as I was last week, when my legs were just obliterated, not feeling right until Friday. More below the fold.

I stretched out for a few minutes, then started with the customary leg curls and extensions. From there, I went to squats, warming up with 135, then going to 225, then going “up” my five pounds for the week, doing 5×5 with 230. It felt pretty good this week. My shoulders are getting more used to having the bar across them again. I tried to get slightly better depth this time, though that obviously makes the exercise a little harder. Altogether, not bad.

After squats, I did 6×8 with 200 on neutral grip pull downs, then went and did 40/35/30/25/20 with 310 for calf raises.

I finished up with dips, using a different, wider platform that made them feel a bit odd. I did the last four sets in rest/pause fashion, just resting for a moment, then jumping back on and doing one less rep than the previous set. It was nasty.

I’m shooting for shorter workouts now, only around an hour or an hour and fifteen minutes. I think they’re better, and I’m still finishing up soaked with sweat.

Happy Lifting!


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