Workout Report: Squat(like maneuver) Day 8/3/11

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Workout Reports

So I felt like poo yesterday. Didn’t workout, because I was having one of those days where you seem to visit the restroom a few times too often. Yeah, too much info. Sorry.

Anyhow, I worked out at lunch in the work gym. There, they have a rather odd device that is pseudo-squatlike in nature. It’s a Paramount Equipment machine, and you can see it in the background if you look at my kettlebell video. It being squat day, it was my best available option. I tried it. More below the fold.

So I’d done this machine, sans extra weight, many times. It is fairly challenging with no additional weight, as the lever of the machine advertises that “bare”, it exerts 90 lbs of resistance. I would say that it feels a bit more akin to 135 on the bar, if you equate it to a barbell squat. I had really only played on the machine before today.

Today, I actually tested the machine to see what it would to. Or, rather, what I could do with the machine. I started with a warmup with the machine bare. Okay so far. All sets were five reps, by the way. I slapped two 45 lb plates on and tried that. HOLY MACKEREL! That was serious business. Felt about like, say, 300 lbs on a Smith Machine. I went up a big 10 extra pounds, then five more, and stayed there for three sets. I was BARELY getting five reps, and was not getting as much depth as I would like to see. It’ll take some getting used to. The “squat” workout continued on apace as I stripped back to 2 45s. By that time, it was still tough. My quadriceps were getting fried.

Continuing on the backside of my pyramidal workout progression, I stepped down to a single 45 (the machine doesn’t require perfect primary balance). That allowed me to get deep and stretch the muscles out, and going slow/deep made it tough with the lower weight. I finished with really deep (hitting the stops) reps with the bare machine again.

This would prove to smack my quads around like crazy. The muscles are dead as a frozen turkey right now. Good exercise. I’ll do it again.

I finished up by going around and doing max(ish) reps on the little stack-loaded machine in the work gym. Did 40 reps with the stack on chest press, then 25 on pulldowns with a few plates less. Did 30 reps on triceps extension and 20 on biceps curls, both on the double-pulley cable, both with the stack (though with half realized resistance).

I was sweaty, and walking like a gunslinger. It was a good lunchtime.

Happy Lifting!

  1. Bobby-T says:

    Sorry to hear you were feelin’ a bit punky. Hope that you’re over it by now.

  2. Bob,

    Feeling better, yes. Legs stiff but functional as of this morning. Thanks for checking in.

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