Rip It!

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Strength Stunts, Videos
  1. Bobby-T says:

    I find it particularly appealing the way you toss the resultant scraps aside with apparent disdain.

  2. Bob,

    That’s the style element of the program. That’s judged too, and counts for a third of your score.

  3. Mike Tracy says:

    Slow motion is great! Although we’ve seen scraps of evidence for this feat in the past, I’d been wondering when you’d show us some action. I don’t plan to embarass myself by trying this particulare stunt. Ten sheet’s of papper maybe, a thick phone book, well …

  4. Mike, the great thing about phone books is that you can work your way up. Start with a quarter of the book, then go to a third, then a half, and so on. Unlike some yes/no propositions, you can work your way up to the full book. I was actually lamentably bad at ripping when I first started, but I’ve kept at it, and I’m getting better. There are guys out there who put me to shame on the really big books. As the books get thicker, it gets much more difficult to grip them properly. Right now, those books you saw are about the limit of what I can rip with confidence. I have ripped bigger books, but it can easily turn ugly if my hands are not gripping quite as well that day.

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