Update: On Vacation; Gimpy; Shootin’ Anyhow

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Archery, Unfocused Rambling

Over the last week or so, it’s been tough for me to work out. I somehow ginked up my foot, and it’s been painful to put a lot of weight on it, walk around a lot, or go up and down stairs. Bummer. I think it’s almost better, though. So that’s part one.

Part two is that I’m on vacation, and getting ready to go off to Reno and have fun at the WorldCon Sci-Fi convention. It’s going to be great.

Part three is that I got a new laptop. It’s an HP with the new “A Series” APU (processor and graphics rolled into one chip) by AMD. Loving it. This is a great laptop. I have absolutely no complaints as of yet. It runs ultra cool and silent, is quick, has a beautiful screen, and is actually quite easy to type on, as I’m doing now. The thing I’m surprised at is how much I actually LIKE Windows 7. I feel almost weird typing that, but they’ve made such massive improvements since Vista. Everything works, is snappy, and gets out of your way. Just like an OS is supposed to do. I have lamented of never really liking a Windows version again, since I’ve come to know the joy and pain of Linux, but damn, the Microsoft folks actually did a good job here. From what I’ve seen thus far, Office 2010 is also a strong product.

Part four is, of course, bow related. I’ve been shootin’, fool that I am. I dusted off the PSE Blackhawk recurve yesterday and found that I still really like that bow. It took me a little while to get used to it again, after shooting the PVC bows for most of the summer, but once I found the point of aim, it’s still a sweetie. I tore up the target box something fierce before I went in.

I have also been dressing up some bows that I’ve been creating for friends. I’ve built a few bows for my buds, Craig and Chris, who come and shoot with me from time to time. The bows have been painted in “custom” colors, and have cord-wrapped handles. They look pretty swell, if I do say so myself. I’ll be shooting some video of the lads shooting them at some point when we have a confluence of sunlight and me having my stuff together.

Finally, I’ve been working on some stunt-like shooting of late, and I’m getting pretty good at hurling arrows from some odd positions, like squatting, and even prone. I am actually pretty damn good at prone shooting at around ten yards or so. I got eight out of ten arrows into a milk jug with my bamboo/PVC bow this afternoon doing just such a stunt.

In an update to what I talked about in my how-to videos and movies, I will say that, after a while, the narrower nylon cord (the yellow stuff I was holding in the video), breaks. Thus far, I haven’t had any breakages in the 1/8ths nylon, however, and some of my bows are racking up a fair number of shots with the strings I’ve installed. I would say that, for most uses, that’s the string material to go for.

That’s all for now. I will probably speak to you fine folks in about a week. That is, unless I find myself some sort of cavemannery to perform when I’m away at the convention.

Enjoy what’s left of your summer,


  1. Bobby-T says:

    Very newsy update. Glad your foot’s getting better. I hope that Reno is great for you and I look forward to hearing about it. Look forward to seeing those videos as well.

  2. Mike Tracy says:

    Have a fantastic vacation at the WorldCon Sci-Fi convention.

  3. Bob, the foot is almost healed. It still gets a bit stiff when I sit for a long time, but it’s otherwise mostly back to normal.

    Mike, thanks! I’ll write an update as things transpire.

    Cheers from Reno!

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