Workout Report: Reno!

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Unfocused Rambling, Workout Reports

You’ll all be glad to know that I have found the fitness room at the Peppermill resort. I gave it a quick once-over, just to get the lingering feeling that I’d ridden in a car all day out of my system. I did chest, back, shoulders, and arms, all on their machines. I did sets of ten, working upward toward a challenging weight, where it was available. The chest machine didn’t quite have enough stack to get me all the way there, but it was fine. I wasn’t looking for a massive workout, just a bit of heaving to get me into my happy place for the evening.

This was followed by a stroll…one of those where I get somewhat lost and circumnavigate the globe. In reality, I probably walked for around 40 minutes, though I was just trying to get a feel for the nearby area. As per usual, I “found” some interesting stuff. Law Offices, something called a “European Fitness Center”, a free clinic and the casino loading dock. This is luxury stuff here.

I’m back in my room, showered up, and in my comfy clothes for the night. And now you have all the information you could possibly want.


  1. Bobby-T says:

    Sounds as though you’re getting comfortable with the lay of the land. Have a relaxing time and and enjoy the convention.

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