The Road Back

Posted: October 8, 2011 in Articles, Strength Stunts

As of Thursday, the doctor said that it was okay if I went back to exercising and picking up heavy stuff. I’d been doing some work relating hoisting prior to that, but sort of doing it bashfully, and all had been well. Now, though, I’m cleared to go again. I’ve done a little bit here and there in the last few days, and most things feel just fine.

I swung the kettlebell (53 lbs) around some on Thursday, doing some cleans, goblet squats, rows, and presses over the head. All fine. I tried some bench press, and though my chest is strong, my abdomen still feels weird when I put the amount of torque on it that a good bench arch requires. It might take a few weeks for me to get back to being comfortable with that one. Chest press on a machine? Sure. No problem. Bench, though…not quite.

One interesting side effect of this whole layoff is that I’ve gotten better at ripping phone books. Like…seriously better. The really big books, like the Dex yellow pages, used to be a pretty iffy rip. I four yellow pages in the span of a few minutes last night, and even the biggest of them wasn’t that much of a horror show. The new Dex book, which is just a bit smaller, (say 1400 pages) went easy, and that was after ripping about six other books of various sizes.

I’m planning on taking it light for a few weeks, just trying exercises and slowly building up the intensity. I don’t need to cause myself a reversal of fortune by going too hard, too soon. Still, I’m tickled that I can lift again. I had been dreaming about it at night I wanted to so bad.

Well, that’s the news, and I’ll keep you posted on my recovery.

Happy lifting!

  1. Robert Tracy says:

    Glad to hear you’re able to start back up. I hope that you’ll be able to get back in the groove smoothly after the enforced layoff. Plod on my friend.

  2. Thanks, Bobby. I’m just taking it slow right now. Might try some light cavemannery tomorrow.

  3. Glad to see your Massive powers of Massive strength were not diminished too Massively.
    I have a few not so Massive phones that are yours, if I can remember to bring them. Hope your having a Massive Weekend! Have a good(Massive) Week and I’ll see you on Thursday.

    I’m sure it will be Massive!

  4. Mike Tracy says:

    It’s interesting that your book ripping has improved. Perhaps you were somewhat over-trained on that particular stunt and time off allowed the necessary muscle building recovery?

  5. Mike, the muscle recuperation angle could have something to do with it, but I’m not sure.Strength Stunts are weird like that, though. It’s not all raw strength. There are intangibles. This week, though I was plagued by a nasty back ache all week, I was killing big phone books like chickens. Go figure.

  6. Chris,

    It was pretty massive, it’s true. You forgot the phonebooks, though, so it could have been even more massive. Have a massive weekend, and we’ll massively talk next week.

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