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Posted: October 26, 2011 in Articles, Strength Stunts, Unfocused Rambling

Hey, folks. I know it’s been a while, but I’m just checking in and giving you some idea of where I’m at physically at this point. Let me take you through it as it happened.

First, I had a week in which I was really starting to feel better. That was where we left off in the story.

The next week, I developed about a ten-day back ache that just would not quit. It was a really bad time. I had to take a lot of meds to keep things going that week.

The week after, the trouble moved to the lower abdomen, where I had a minor bout of IBS. Awesome.

From there, I found the trouble spot moving to my stomach, as I had a reoccurance of the symptoms that I had assumed were part of the gall badder issue. Eh…they’re still around, and certainly made worse by stress situations in my environment. Those issues have calmed down a little, but my stomach is still in some turmoil. The stress came from work, of course, and from being worried about my aunt, who was going in for the same operation I just had. She’s 78, see? Anyhow, she came through fine, and is tougher than I am, so she’s cool.

I’m trying some medicine that is for acid reflux right now, though my problem isn’t exactly that. If it doesn’t work, I’ll have to go back to the doc and seek redress another way. I’m hoping to avoid that, but for now, I’m back on very carefully-planned rations, and not eating anywhere near bedtime. That seems to reduce the discomfort, but I’m annoyed with my body that it isn’t doing everything I want it to, when it’s convenient for me.

Anyway, I did a little weight-hoisting today. I can still put the 90lb dumbbells over my head with some facility, and can do the k-bell stuff about as well as I did before. Some heavy movements cause me to feel little, odd sensations here and there, but they don’t seem to be anything more than lights being switched on for nerve endings down in the boiler room.

I have been shooting a lot and making videos, as you may see if you skulk around Facebook or on Vimeo. I’m in good shooting form, which is nice, and I’m doing what I can to make the most of the late-season afternoons. It’ll soon be cold and yucky, and that tends to curtail the shooting a bit.

Finally, my phonebook ripping deserves mention. I am really having a great string of rips. I haven’t failed on a big (1,600 page) rip in weeks, and I’ve been doing one after work every day. It’s sweet.

All right. That’s all for now.

Hope you’re all well.

  1. Bob Tracy says:

    Glad that you’re able to get back to working out, but I’m concerned about the lingering difficulties with your GI tract. Very pleased that Marilyn has come through so well. Went to the doc yesterday and now waiting for results of the blood work. No further incidents with discomfort.

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