The Purple Camo bow and other thoughts

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Archery, Articles

My friend Emily came by today with her husband to pick up a PVC bow that I made for her. Yes, the title to this one is right. Purple camo. I thought it up myself. It blends in to the night sky. I think it came out pretty awesome, actually. I did a base coat of purple, then used about six other colors in streaks, dots, and flourishes to get the camo look. It has a cord wrapped handle, and it shoots like a dream. Out of the first six arrows I shot during testing, five were hits. I was tempted to keep the darned thing myself, but that wasn’t going to happen. I had to give it over, so that other people could join the fun. I have the Christmas bow, anyhow, as well as a variety of other goodies. Emily was pleased, in any case. I snapped some pictures of the bow, and I’ll have to dig them off the camera to see if they came out all right.

While Emily was over, we sat in back and chatted while I shot some of my bows. I demo’ed the Outlaw and the Blackhawk. Mostly, though, I shot the Blackhawk. Man, that bow is shooting well for me right now. I probably shot around a hundred arrows while Em was here, and there were very few bad shots in there. A lot of arrows touching other arrows. I like that bow.

Speaking of arrows, I haven’t mentioned them much, but I’ve been using Easton Legacy arrows for my higher-weight traditional bows since April. My mom bought them for me for a birthday present. They have been well-enjoyed. You may be able to see if you go through my arrow preferences that I like the Easton arrows quite a bit. They’re the go-to arrows for most of my bows, and I’ve sort of relegated the super-expensive GT Pro Hunters and the fairly pricey Cabela’s Stalker Extremes to duty with my light bows.  Not that those lack for action. Oh, ho. Not at all. It’s just that the Blackhawk and the Sequoia both like a heavier arrow.

The Easton Legacies are full length, feature left wing, 5″ shield cut feathers, and weigh in at 511 grains for a 2016 arrow size. They are really, really nice. Beautiful arrows, and they fly great. I ruined one of the dozen with an ill-fated shot that ended up hitting a cinderblock on the very first outing, but all the others are in service, with only one needing work other than that (replacement nock). If you shoot a recurve or a longbow, I think that you’ll be able to find one of the Easton Legacy sizes that will fly like a dart for you.  Okay, end of my infomercial for Easton.

Not satisfied to have only shot, let’s say 150 arrows, I took out the Sequoia in the evening. On balance, I had the best shooting outing I’ve had with the big longbow in a long time. I ended up getting some darned good groups here and there (for me with that bow). I still got the occassional flier, like I always seem to with that particular bow, but they were usually only one or at most two arrows per 11 shot stand. As opposed to half the arrows, like it has sometimes been for me. I shot a lot, too. A good hundred more, at least. I actually started to get finger fatigue on my draw hand, which rarely happens.

Anyhow, it’s been a good weekend for archery, and I hope you folks took advantage of the last gasp of mild weather, if you happend to get any where you are.



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