Strength Training for Librarians and other stories

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Archery, Unfocused Rambling

So, it’s been a few weeks. Ugly weeks, for the most part. Why? Well, I’ve been having struggles with stomach issues. I’m going in tomorrow to see what it is. It hasn’t been fun. I am not eating much at this juncture. Again. I really want to be over the GI drama. The GI has other ideas. Enough of that crap.

What’s been going on? Well, I taught a fitness class on Friday called “Strength Training for Librarians”, and it went pretty swimmingly. We only had an hour, so I couldn’t get far into the whys and wherefores of things, but I showed them quite a bit, and gave them a handout that ran about 4,300 words, so I did what I could.

I’ve also been shooting as much as I could, and actually having some good success. My arrow groupings are tightening up, and I think my form is as good as it’s been thus far. There will be some videos in the Archery 2 segment reflecting this very soon.

Except for a few days when I just felt flat awful, I’ve been ripping phone books like a great big phone book ripping thing. Because of my difficulties health-wise, I haven’t yet settled back into any kind of workout routine. I’m hoping that the doctor will have some remedy for the stomach problems in hand, and that I can get back to normal (at least as close to normal as I ever get). I’ll keep you updated about what’s going on, and hope to have some fun stuff to share soon.

Happy lifting, good shooting, and take care.

  1. Sorry Bud 😦 Too bad you cant take that sickness out and rip it like a phone book

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