I have to stop licking keyboards and other observations

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Archery, Unfocused Rambling

So, then. Medical update. It seems that, by eating dirt or otherwise coming in contact with various germs, I managed to get a bacterial infection that attacked my stomach. Hence, the stomach distress and gradual return to my high school weight (the one upside). I recently finished with a course of antibiotics and am now on acid reducers to let my breadbasket begin to heal itself. It appears that this has begun to bring the suckitude under control. I see the doc on Monday.

Fun stuff below the break!

On to the good stuff.

I’ve been really into the archery thing of late. I mean, big time. When I’m alone in the elevator, I’m practicing my anchor point. It’s full-blown bow madness, it seems.

In a related incident, I found and “rescued” a vintage Damon Howatt Super Diablo recurve bow a few weeks ago, and I am in love. This bow, which I believe may well be older than I am, is just the cat’s whiskers. There’s video (look in the videos area, in Archery 2).

I’ve also begun to really mend fences with my Sequoia longbow. It seems that all the deficiencies I attributed to the bow were, in point of fact, my own. (This is not a new concept.) By being mindful of my form, I have managed to take a bow which I had previously shot with little consistency, and improved my game in a huge way.

Since you asked, yes, it’s been cold enough to freeze the balls off of a brass monkey. And yes, I’ve been out there shooting. For hours. Bow madness, as I said earlier. Full blown case.

I’ve also found that, though I thought myself to be a cordovan tab sort of guy, I’m finding that I like shooting with a bow glove better now (it’s the mechanism that is used to protect one’s fingers from string abrasion). Yep. Things change. An interesting side effect of this improved shooting is that I end up wearing out target boxes a lot faster. They become a little iffy when the center is blown out and they start barfing their innards all over the patio. I know you were dying to know that.

As to exercise, I’m hoping that this week will prove to see me on a continuing trend of improvement. I’d like to get back in and start pumping some iron. I have a plan that I’d like to put into rotation. The caveman part of the plan is that there are only four lifts involved. Very basic movements. I will tell you more when I’ve had a chance to get back in the gym. That’s all contingent on my stomach cooperating.

Anyhow, that’s the news for now. Hope you’re all well.

  1. Bob Tracy says:

    It’s certainly a relief finally getting a handle of sorts on your GI distress. I hope that the treatment plan you and your doctor put together will “put paid” to this issue once-and-for-all.

    You’ve obviously taken your archery involvement to a whole new level. What a marvelous obsession! Have you gone to a range to experiment with longer distances yet?

    I recently signed-up for Netflix and watched several National Geographic specials last night. It’s kinda neat to just stream the movies to the TV and not have to rent them.

    Happy shooting and settled stomach, Bob

  2. Bob, I haven’t shot at longer ranges yet. That’s a plan I have. Maybe in the spring. I’m thinking about getting a takedown recurve so that it’s easily portable, and I can shoot in different places. I am feeling good about some little form changes that I’ve made, subsequent to additional learning I’ve been doing recently. Shooting scored rounds…wow, it teaches you a lot. I’ve never been that regimented about shooting before, but it does pay dividends.

    As to the belly, I think that I’m on the right track. The doc thinks that I should be basically back to feeling good by the new year.

    Take care, and happy birthday.

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