News from the Barrel House

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Unfocused Rambling

The stomach is still not totally happy with me. We had a major spat last night that kept me from going out to do fun stuff with friends. After I relaxed for a while, it got better, but it’s still more than capable of jumping up and giving me a bad time. I am sad about this, but when you’ve got an evil gnome in your belly, he’s going to sometimes get angry and start throwing punches around down there.

I feel fine thus far today, and so the up and down of the health situation continues on, right?

In other news, I’ve gotten back to my most-every-day abdominal work. The first few days, I was sore, but I’m back now, and things are fine. I hope to be able to start doing my more ambitious exercise plan pretty soon, but every time I feel like I’m ready, the stomach goes on the warpath. It’s getting pretty old.

  1. Bob Tracy says:

    I wonder if the air quality (or lack thereof) in the area may have something to do with your abdominal woes.

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