Odd realizations

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Unfocused Rambling

So, I’ll be heading off to go to my 20th year high school reunion in a few days, and it brings up some intriguing questions and thoughts.

First, I doubt that I’ll ever understand time. I remember things from high school and even elementary school with perfect clarity, yet other events that may have only happened a few months ago are “ancient history”. The date stamp feature in my brain appears to be, at best, highly subjective.

Second, it’s hard to imagine that it’s been longer since high school than my age was upon completion of that set of trials.

Third, though I am in no way a match for my 18 year old self in regards to sheer physical prowess, I’m actually pretty happy to be back down into the ballpark weight that I was carrying at the time of my graduation. For many years, I thought that I’d never be back down there, short of some wasting disease.

Overall, I don’t know for sure what I expect or what I hope for. I am trying not to hope for anything, as that might make things weird. It’ll be interesting to meet people that I’ve literally not seen for twenty years, though, as I have not kept up contact with old school pals at all. If not for the advent of Facebook, I don’t know if I would have even known about the reunion, or had the scanty communication with those folks that I have recently established.

I’ll be talking about this again after the fact. I hope that this will be a fun weekend, and that it will not bear witness to another one of those “bad” roadtrips, like last summer. In other words, I hope that none of my important parts chooses to fail while I’m somewhere in the Nevada desert far from anyone who can assist me.


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