A little iron on the side

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Unfocused Rambling, Workout Reports

So, I’m at my high school reunion, and coming back from lunch. I thought I’d see what passed for an exercise room at the resort. It was a pretty small, fairly underwhelming little spot. Clearly, people come to Havasu to run the lake and get lit up, not work out.

There was a little dumbbell rack, and that was something. It only went up to 50 lb. ‘bells, though. I wanted to do some bent rows, and 50 won’t cut much water with me, so I had to get creative. It turns out, with rubberized octagonal dumbbells, you can stack one on another and hoist the bottom one, at least with bent rows. 100# is more like it.

Cheers from Havasu.

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