Cannonball, Week 3

Posted: August 6, 2013 in kettlebells, Workout Reports

I’m up to seven reps on the kettlebell snatches and push presses this week. I missed on Monday, as we were slammed, and I had no time, so I made it up today. All’s well at this point. It breaks a good sweat, but I’m not feeling any pain. I’m actually getting better in terms of form (mostly). I’m hoping that the trip to ten reps on this first ‘bell will serve as a good technique practice. I’ll need to not be flailing around and spazzing out when the weight begins to go up. I think that I’m going to do one extra 7 rep day, so that I’m on a schedule to go up in weight on Mondays.

So, everything’s going according to plan at this point. I’ll be interested to see how it feels as I get into the highest swing of reps, then increase the weight. On paper, dropping down to 5 reps for a 4 kilo increase shouldn’t be very tough.

That’s the news at this hour.

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