Workout Update 8/12/13

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Workout Reports

As mentioned last time, I put bodyweight squats into the rotation. I’ve found that 5 x 20 is bracing, but certainly doable. The first few times, I felt it significantly, but my body seems to be starting to get used to it.

On Sunday, I did a set of alternating 5 x 20 on bodyweight squats and pushups. That got the heart rate up pretty well. I am not in my best shape ever. That said, I was able to complete the whole workout in a handful of minutes. The gasping and sweating continued for sometime thereafter.

I sense that, if I keep on with this addendum to my workouts, I’ll get inured to the load, and be able to keep increasing the intensity (or add another exercise, like situps, perhaps.)

That’s the news. I’m going to 8 reps on the k-bell exercises tomorrow, provided that I have enough time to do so. After that, I’ll be out of town, in which time I’ll probably do the squats and pushups to keep myself occupied.

That’s all for now.

  1. Ray Rollison says:

    Hey Patrick! How you been doing Man? You still shooting bows? I am, been trying to re-enter the right hand shooting arena. Not so easy after many years of shooting southpaw, but I’m doing good and having a fine time of it! I workout with weights. It all makes a difference. I’m shooting a sage at 30# pull some wood arrows, haven’t found the best arrow yet, but workin on it. I hope all is going well for you Man! Take care! scout4

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