Workout Update 8/28/13

Posted: August 28, 2013 in kettlebells, Workout Reports

It’s been a little while. A few minor interruptions have put me back a bit, but I’m still working forward with the plan.

Friday last week, I did the pressing segment at 8 reps and found it pretty easy. I then did clean and press from the floor, alternating hands. I did the clean and press a long time, but I wasn’t counting reps. I seem to get better clean form pulling from a dead stop than during a swing phase. Probably a control issue that I’ll be able to work on as my technique gets better.

I’ve been pretty busy at work this week, and so today was my first workout. I did the standard stuff, and found that 8 reps was fine with both exercises. My form started to get a little sketchy at the end with my left hand, but nothing serious.

More to come.


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