Cannonball in the Cube, revisited

Posted: August 27, 2015 in kettlebells, Workout Reports

At long last, I have come back around to using my kettlebell to get a little exercise and movement during my servitude in the cubicle. I had the habit of doing it most days, but then I wasn’t around the office much, then…well, laziness and inertia and fatness stood in the way.

I’m please to find that I haven’t lost whatever knack I had for the k-bell in my absence. I can still pull off bottoms-up static holds in the rack position and so on.

I’ve been swinging the bell all this week, and it’s finally come to the point that I am getting sore. Ah, well, I’ll work through it. A few notes: It’s still a 24 kilo ‘bell by Apollo. I am still old fat and lame.(hoping to remediate at least one of those conditions to some degree.)

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